Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Photos: Sokoto Indigenes Gather To Be Addressed By Governor Tambuwal

Sokoto State indigenes have gathered at the Government House waiting to be addressed by His Excellency, Governor Tambuwal who just dumped APC for PDP. Already the indigenes have gathered at the state house since morning and only waiting for him to address them now. Tambuwal announced his defection few minutes ago!

Either you like politics or not, it's what is trending Nation wide. Hopefully, money, food, good roads will trend soon. More photos...


  1. ghen ghen defection has overflown

  2. Buhari should check himself, nothing good has been happening so far

  3. A dog will always go back to his vomit, we aren't surprise, its in their nature

  4. Mtchews,will i leave my work because he wanted to address? joblessness at its peak