Sunday, August 12, 2018

Shocking Pics: Is This A Plant Or Animal? Strange Creature Leaves The World Confused

A bizarre-looking clump of tentacles was washed up on a beach in Vietnam, leaving locals scratching their heads over whether it was a animal or a plant.

Thousands of tiny suction pads flailed around in the air as it was captured by an intrigued tour guide in Kien Giang province in the south of the country.

Du Man Du, the man who spotted it, decided to take a closer look to work out what the mysterious organism was.

The black-brown ' alien ' was seen wriggling around as it sat on a table.

Beach-goer, Kim Tho said: "It's a monster. One day it will come back out of the ocean. It'll be ten times bigger."

With its star-shaped body in the middle, it seemed to have several branches spiralling out of the centre.

Du Man Du said: "I don't know whether it's an animal, vegetation or something else."

He goes as far as to touch one of the tentacles, which seemed to curl around and reach further for him.

The mystery creature was later released back into the ocean - with locals still confused by what it was.

After posting the video on social media, some people commented that the finding was a basket starfish, which usually live in South America.

Experts believe that the creature is likely to be a piece of seaweed reacting to the air.


  1. I am sure they would find out

  2. They should have killed it. It will one day come back to kill humans when it becomes a full monster