Saturday, August 11, 2018

So Cute! Pregnant Women Can Now Buy A Lilo With A Special Hole For Their Baby Bump

Companies are constantly coming up with innovative ways. Now there's a new product that expectant mums will love.

Parenting experts at Peanut have created a special lilo just for pregnant women after noticing an increase in demand for one on their app.

And they call it the Peanut pregnancy float.

The float is bright pink and has a special hole cut in it for women to rest their baby bumps in if they wish to lie on their front.

Writing down the side of the product reads: "Put your feet up mama, we've got you."

Launching the float on Facebook , a spokesman for Peanut said: "We’ve seen lots of mamas-to-be talking on Peanut about how much you miss being able to lie on your fronts. So, we made something just for you! Introducing, Peanut Pregnancy Floats!"

Lots of women have commented on the post sharing their excitement  and many even said they plan to use the float off the water as well!