That’s How She Gets Her Kicks! Kendall Jenner Impresses Everyone With Secret Kung-Fu Skills


She is, according to some, a woman of many talents. But Kendall Jenner genuinely surprised fans with her latest skill set the ability to perform kunk-fu maneouvres.

The brunette beauty, 22, left people slack-jawed on Saturday when she shared a clip of herself performing a special high-kick.

Specifically, she managed to kick a beer bottle from atop a friend’s head. The Bruce Lee-inspired incident took place on a beach in Los Angeles, California.

And, judging by her friends’ reactions, nobody expected her to pull it off.

Wearing a pair of white skinny jeans with a matching sports top, the reality TV star is seen psyching herself up for the move.

Then, seconds later, she performs a serious high-kick and managed to hit her target without causing her handsome pal injury.

Delighted, her friends pile-on in celebration of the fun achievement.

The video quickly racked-up more than a million views and plenty of comments from fans, who praised her flexibility.

One said: “OMG, is there anything you can’t do?”, while another chimed-in: “You got serious skills, girl”

A third added: “Love how she didn’t expect to win at this game”.

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