Monday, August 20, 2018

Their Fada! 'Nigeria' Now Has MANY Plus Size Models

PLEASE Forgive my HEADLINE. I am practically in tears!!! LOL. When I mean their Fada, it simply means who says Africa can’t evolve? Hilarious! Oh dear, so Africans are learning fast from foreign cultures? Wow! Just wow!! But this girl set sha, sigh!

Some of them might not be a model in real life, but their profile always read PLUS SIZE model, so we just leave it like that. Make una enjoy our model o… more photos below…

By the way, some say she is a Nigerian, but I am 99.9% sure she isn't. Except she is o, please correct me.


  1. Obesity kills dey need to loose weight bfor. Their father mourns dem

  2. Any fat person now is a plus size model

  3. She better goan drink slim tea, fat flesh

  4. Ashley Graham is a plus sized model. This one is FAT. you can look fit even as a plus sized model