Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tiwa Savage Reveals She's Battling To Love Her Skin

Tiwa Savage has revealed on the gram that it's been a battle for her to love her brown skin. Reavealing this on IG the singer wrote;

''It has taken me a long time to love my brown skin and sometimes I still have to remind myself how beautiful I am because God doesn’t make mistakes 🙏🏼 #loveyourself''


  1. Low self esteem

  2. If she doesn't love her skin is it my skin she wants to love.

  3. There is nothing as good as a naturally dark skin.
    Pale skin people hate dark skin people because they are not dark and have to tan to look good.
    Tiwa does not hate the beauty of her dark skin, she just hates the limitations pale skin people have placed against dark skin people to make themselves feel better.

  4. Honestly it's the best skin God has gives me you. Pls do not bleach your skin. You are super cute with it.