Tuesday, September 25, 2018

2019: PDP Is Now On The Right Track – Tambuwal

Sokoto state Governor, Alhaji Aminu Tambwal on Tuesday declared that the People’s Democratic Party is on the right track in providing quality leadership for the nation.

He acknowledged that he left the PDP because of impunity, clear issues of misgovernance and lack of respect for the tenet of democratic principles adding that he had since discovered that the issue of bad governance is worse in the ruling All Progressive Party (APC).

Speaking to newsmen after addressing the Peoples Democratic Party PDP delegates to the forthcoming national convention of the party at the PDP Secretariat in Minna, Tambuwal said, ” there were issues of mis-governance that borders on tenets of democracy, in the course of time we began to see clearly that the bad leadership issues in the PDP are rearing their heads in the APC.

“However, the PDP on its part started coming together to reform itself so we see a better PDP than the APC and that is why we left APC.”

The Presidential Hopeful said his decision to seek for the presidency of the country “is in national interest and a personal sacrifice. I had the opportunity to retain my seat in the APC in Sokoto state but I decided to sacrifice this because the country needs fixing.”

He then declared that he will convincingly beat President Buhari if he is fielded by the party for the 2019 polls stressing that he had all the advantages to defeat Buhari.


  1. E go soon sing different song when things no favor am.
    They all left PDP for APC hoping to take over that party but failed.
    Now they are hoping to take over PDP by their return, pushing those who stayed aside.
    Why didn't they just form their own Judas Party?