Thursday, September 27, 2018

Adeleke Writes EU, US, Says 'My Life In Danger'

Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state governorship elction Senator Ademola Adeleke, has written the European Union and the United States over an alleged threat to his life.

Spokesperson of the Adeleke Campaign Organisation Rashed Olawale in a statement quoted the PDP candidate as saying: “My life is under threat and the leaders of my party are under siege before and after Saturday main polls.

“During the campaigns, we were subjected to countless attacks. I escaped about four assassination attempts. Our campaign vehicles were severally attacked and our rallies disrupted. We went through the pre-election process under constant onslaught from political thugs and merchants of violence.

“Despite the violence-prone climate, I still won the election. On live television, our votes were removed and protestations for re-addition of the votes were rejected. Votes for the ruling party were jerked up and again the electoral umpire refused to correct the arithmetical errors. After all the manipulations which saw about 4000 votes removed from my total votes, I still won by close to 400 votes. ”


  1. God is with you

  2. That is why I won't advice anyone to join politics

  3. 2022 or 2026 still dey.
    Adeleke, make you go help your constituents with your current position so that they can vote for you in 2022 or 2026.