Thursday, September 27, 2018

Beverly Osu Writes Self As She Turns 26

Former Big Brother housemate, Beverly Osu is 26 today. To celebrate herself, the former contestant who is now into modeling and acting released two beautiful photos and wrote herself a note.

Happy birthday to her! Her birthday note to self below...

I was asked to write you a love letter so here is it 🎀. 

Dear Me,
I love you and I believe in you.
You are beautiful inside out and I am so proud to be you. You are blessed because you are effortless and never tried to fit in but still you shine like the brightest star in the sky. You have made a lot of progress in building and structuring your life (spiritually, physically, mentally). I can’t really say emotionally because you are a wreck sometimes, but we are pushing through 🤣. You’re always reading something, always searching for more knowledge and wisdom, always expanding your skills, always longing for more. I love that. Your creative rush is scary and I think Nigeria is not ready for the voltage you posses. You have what it takes to execute your craft and change the lives of thousands of people. You're already doing the thing! You are on a path that you've known you were meant for.
So as you step into the 26th chapter of your life, take chances and any idea your crazy ass mind springs up on you, make sure you try and execute no matter the criticism because you already know all that can be said 🙈. Keep going. You're doing great! Remember that the only voice that matters is your own. Keep following your gut. Keep believing in yourself. You've got this! And I'm right here, your mum and brothers are cheering you on the whole way. You have got the most genuine love / support from your friends.
Most importantly never ever forget God’s promises over your life. .... Yours truly You 🌸

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