Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bobrisky Reveals He Has Been At Intercontinental Ordering What He Likes On Bae’s Instruction

Bobrisky has been at the Intercontinental Hotel since last week. No he is not at home, he is at the hotel and says BAE has asked him to order anything he likes, spiting ladies by saying, ‘my bae is badder than yours’.

Now this is it. Has Bob done a surgery and kept it away from us? Does bae do it through his anus or Bob now has a V?. You know why? Cus Bob is in a sexual relationship!

Remember few weeks ago he begged his fans to pray for him so that he could get pregnant before December? So how does bae do it? Through the ANU only? Or Bob already had a surgery and left us in the dark?. If bae pours it in through the anus, can Bob get pregnant? Hello doctors… can he? Phew!