Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Can We Pause For A Minute & Retrace Our Steps? Uche Nnaji Speaks On Schools Charging So Much

Aww Uche Nnaji for President. Uche Nnaji has taken to Instagram to ask parents to chill and stop bragging about their children’s school fees saying he wonders who pushed them to this., Uche is saying the amount of fees schools charged now should be questioned by parents instead of bragging and he wonders why most people have also neglected the schools that made them!

What he wrote;

In the last 2months 4 young Families and Friends I know have relocated with their kids from Nigeria to Canada| UK | and the US.

One common reason they all gave was the constant rise in school fees . One even told me that “ Uche, my children now attend a CATHOLIC school that is going to be 70yrs old this December and guess what THE SCHOOL IS FREE, I don’t have to pay anything since we migrated legally and to think the school is far better than the school my children were attending in Lekki where I was working to just pay school fees.

So the other day , a client told me that he cannot afford to pay #150k for a Tuxudo. Curious I asked WHY , he said that he was paying a little over #7m as school fees for 3 of his kids schooling in Nigeria. And just today another client also tells me he is looking for suits of not more than #80k because he just paid over #3m for his 2 kids both in primary schools.
Honestly this trend is getting me worried for MEN as I wonder , who is putting MEN under this much pressure to now see HIGH school fees as a bragging right?
Where is all these pressure leading us to ? At this rate , Do you even plan to stay alive and see these children finish this schools?.
Nigerians, Instead of us to take a stand , Speak Up and REVIVE the missionary schools that most of you attended and turned out successful people today, We are busy bragging about paying #2M FOR ACCEPTANCE FEE FORM for certain PRIMARY SCHOOL on the island .
Men&Women who ought to speak up have all looked the other way while Schools like KC, QC and Igbobi colleges which they attended is no longer befitting for their children to attend.
Can we just PAUSE for a minute and retrace our footsteps ???


  1. But school has their own expenses too? It is not by force now, there are public schools and cheap private schools

  2. No be by force to take your kids to expensive school

  3. It is not about expensive school it is about the best they can offer