Thursday, September 6, 2018

Chinese Man Gets Stung In The Pen!s By Stingray As He Swims In The Sea

One man’s relaxing day at the beach in the Hainan resort city of Sanya was interrupted over the weekend when a stingray’s barbed tail managed to find its way into his swimming trunks.

In video that has gone viral on Chinese social media, the unfortunate man is seen lying on the sand in excruciating agony with the stingray at his side. Apparently, while he was swimming in the ocean, the animal’s tail had somehow gotten into the man’s shorts, causing at least one razor sharp venomous barb to become stuck in his penis.

With a large crowd gathering around to watch, firefighters and paramedics carefully went about snipping the spiked barb from the man’s member. Afterward, he was rushed to the hospital.

Generally, stingrays aren’t dangerous creatures. However, when they feel threatened, they will use their tail tipped with sharp venomous barbs to defend themselves. Though some people have died from stingray stings, fatalities are extremely rare.