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Friday, September 7, 2018

Earth Tremor Rocks Abuja, Even This MORNING Too

Panic gripped some residents in parts of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) after they experienced earth tremor on Wednesday night.

The areas where the earth tremor was pronounced were Mpape and parts of Maitama districts.

A resident of Mpapae, Fatima Ahmedu described the experience as frightening.
She said her building was shaken by the unusual movement first noted about 7p.m., which caused her to run out of the building out of fear.

Ahmedu said the unusual movement occurred about three times and caused the people living in Mpape to live in fear throughout the night.

Yesterday the FG released a safety measure, but this morning Abuja residents have taken to twitter to say they felt it again. See their tweets below and what FG says one should do when a thing like that occurs.


  1. Site work, relax no cause for alarm

  2. Unserious country, at least by now there should be a comprehensive and hope response from the government agencies.
    What they are after is who will vote for them.
    Beast of No Nation.

  3. Unserious country, at least there should be comprehensive and hope response from government agencies by now.
    What they are after is who will vote for them.
    Beasts of NO Nation.