Monday, September 17, 2018

Egor Efiok Blasts Kunle Afolayan For Saying He Hardly Watches Nollywood Movies

Nigerian film maker, Egor Efiok has reacted to Kunle Afolayan’s comments about not watching Nollywood movies. According to Egor,this is nothing but pride. Kunle Afolayan in an interview, had said he hardly watches Nollywood movies because he needs movies that would challenge him.

''…Truth be told, I hardly watch them because I am keen on watching movies that will challenge me and change my orientation about certain things. My children watch them a lot and that does not make them speak bad English'' the actor had said.

Egor has now reacted asking him to calm down and stop looking down on others. She also asked how he expects others to watch his movies, when he (kunle) doesn’t watch Nollywood films. Egor’s rant below…


  1. Why taking panadol on another person's headache? He just said his opinion and its better than faking things

  2. Egor is right, you don't watch nollywood movies and you expect us to do the same

  3. Abeg, leave the guy alone, he produces great movies. No big deal in not watching nollywood movies

    1. What great movie. Will he be the first or the last? We shall see the end of his proud being

  4. Kunle does not have right saying that about the industry he belong to online

  5. Why is Egor so bitter? He said he hardly watch them, that you have more time in your hand to watch nollywood movies doesn’t mean it’s done out of passion, it’s done Cos you’re jobless. Kunle said he need to reorient himself from certain belief and if not watching nollywood movies is a means to arrive there, why not? He actually said his kids watches them a lot, how much more can he show solidarity???? Egor, go fuck yourself! Idiota