Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fani Kayode Blasts Omisore For Supporting APC, Says He Was Bribed

Fani Kayode has blasted SDP’s candidate for Osun Governorship election saying he was bribed for publicly coming out to say he will be supporting APC in tomorrow’s election re-run.

Omisore hours ago had held a press conference where he said he will be supporting APC’s candidate in tomorrow’s re-run. His other tweet below...


  1. Someone is sounds so pained here

  2. Shame on you ffk, I had never heard him mention the name Omisore, allof a sudden he has remembered they are cousins

  3. FFK next time don't announce your strategy in a battle, its that simple. You sold out on PDP by announcing that you will speak to your cousin omisore ahead of speaking to him.

    That gives your opponent the opportunity to counter it and even the man reminiscence on the matter and take a position.

    Next time just do it