Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Golden Labrador Is World's First Ice Skating Dog

A lovable rescue labrador has become the world's first ice-skating dog. Benny the golden labrador retriever has been learning to skate with his owner Cheryl Del Sangro after she rescued him at just a few months old from euthanasia at a shelter.

The animal lover has since taken Benny, now 5, training once every two weeks at the Las Vegas Ice Center, teaching him an array of tricks including turns, crossovers and bunny hops.

The sweet footage shows Benny scrambling around the rink in tailor-made skates with his own hockey stick and personal puck which he pucks up with his teeth.

Former ice-skating coach Cheryl Del Sangro, 56, took him along to a rink last year to practise and noticed that he loved scooting around the ice gleefully picking up pucks and said she was inspired and decided she would train him.

Animal lover Cheryl, who has three other dogs-all of whom she trained- had always noticed that Benny was 'uncommonly smart and agile'.

Del Sangro, originally from Cleveland, has taught skating for 20 years before moving to Las Vegas with her husband to operate a restaurant.