Saturday, September 22, 2018

I’ll Stop My Daughter From Acting -Monalisa Chinda

The joy of every parent is to see his or her child walk in his or her footsteps or choose the same career after them, but for Nollywood superstar, Monalisa Chinda, the reverse is the case.

The mother of one revealed that she wouldn’t allow her daughter to nurse a career in acting.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a Nollywood actor, filmmaker, host of ‘You and I with Monalisa’, a 30-minutes talkshow containing a blend of inspiring conversations, human angle stories, lifestyle tips, business and creative entertainment. And in this 4th season of the show, we seek to create more youth-eccentric content that aligns with the social media. Also, I do little contracts by the side.

Would you like your child to go into acting?
I am not sure!!


With what’s going on now? I would try to talk her out of it. It’s difficult to deal with fame. The society would expect you to act in certain way, talk in certain way, and not seen in certain places!
It’s difficult. However, I am not God. He may have His own purpose for her. After all, we are here to fulfil our purposes on earth.