Saturday, September 29, 2018

Like Harrysong, I Fought With Suicidal Thoughts During Depression -Nikky Laoye

In recent times, a number of Nigerian entertainers have openly confessed that at a point in their lives they suffered depression.

In a chat, delectable gospel music artiste, Oyenike Laoye, popularly known as Nikky Laoye, told Showtime that she has also had her fair share of the bitter emotional trauma.

I have certainly had my moments of depression. Losing my father in my arms in 2011 was one of the biggest blows I ever had to deal with. It knocked me completely off my feet because we were a very close knit family.

After his demise, I fell into deep depression, I locked myself away from the world for a long while musically and even from friends. It certainly took prayers, God and personal decisions to fight for my mind to get myself out of that dark hole of excruciating despair”, she said.

Speaking on how best to deal with depression, she said;“Depression is real and it creeps up once in a while, especially during moments of loss but you have to fight, talk to people about it and keep your head above that murky water of hopelessness.

 May God continue to strengthen and rescue everyone dealing with depression.” She added that just like Harrysong, who recently overcame suicidal thoughts while battling depression; she also nursed the idea of calling it quits with life but was able to overcome it through prayers and personal decision.

“In a state of deep despair and pain, suicidal thoughts would definitely run through your mind and oh yes, it certainly came knocking at my mind’s door but I refused to listen to it. I prayed about it, talked through it and fought for my life.”