Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Man Caught In The Act Trying To Rape An 88-Year Old Woman [Sick Video Below]

An 88 year old woman was nearly raped, until a Good Samaritan saved her. The entire incident was captured on Livestream.

The incident happened outside of Moscow in Russia. A man was filming a podcast, when he heard a woman screaming outside his house.

When the man went to investigate, he saw his 88 year old neighbor screaming, as a man attempted to s*xually assault her. The cameraman jumped into action and saved the elderly victim, by kicking the attacker in the face multiple times.

Local report say that the attacker was arrested for attempted rape. In Russia that crime carries possible life sentence. Here’s a link to the SICK video. Very wick!


  1. Oh my days! this one is just so useless

  2. Thank god for the camera man/neighbor coming to the elderly woman rescue. The camera man should of kicked him some more times until he was unconscious.