Friday, September 28, 2018

Man With Bionic P*nis Rushed To Hospital Days After Having S*x For First Time

A man who was fitted with a £50,000 bionic willy collapsed and was hospitalised just days after having s-x for the first time.

Andrew Wardle, 45, was born without a p-nis and surgeons created the organ using skin from his arm before attaching it during a 10-hour operation.

He had s-x girlfriend Fedra Fabian after pumping it up with using a button and said he is “so pleased” with his new p-nis.

But just days after losing his virginity his terrified partner found him on the floor and rushed him to hospital.

Andrew, from Manchester, remained unconscious for five days and surgeons will remove his gall bladder when he goes under the knife.

He told a mate: “It was so bad I prayed I’d die.

"I thought I’d done serious damage.”

With lover Fedra Fabian, 28, at his hospital bedside, he spent five days in and out of consciousness.

The pal added: “Their biggest worry was that the damage was caused by having s-x.

“He had a fever with vomiting for days.

"It was terrifying.

Some three months ago Andrew had to endure a painful ten-day erection after surgeons attached the new organ.

Describing his joy at finally losing his virginity at the age of 45, Andrew told The Sun: “It’s fantastic.

“After all Fedra and I have been through, it’s the cherry on the cake.”

Andrew was born without a p-nis because of a one-in-20million birth abnormality.