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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mel B 'Didn't Call Daughter On Her 7th Birthday

Mel B has been ordered by a judge to undergo random drug and alcohol testing as part of the custody arrangement for the daughter she shares with her ex-husband.

The Spice Girl, real name Melanie Brown, is involved in an ongoing legal battle with Stephen Belafonte over custody of Madison.

During the hearing, Mel’s legal team said the mum-of-three planned a birthday party for Madison for Thursday and demanded she gets custody of the little girl during this time.

However, Grace Jamra for Belafonte snapped back saying the singer failed to call her daughter last Saturday when she turned seven.

“Your honour, she did not even call her on her birthday,” Ms Jamra said via conference call with the judge.

Last week Belafonte, 43, won temporary custody after a bombshell declaration from Mel's former 'manny' Rusty Updegraff claimed the star was battling issues with alcohol and drugs.

In court papers, Updegraff, who looked after the seven-year-old and Brown's other daughter, 11-year-old Angel, argued her children were at risk due to her drinking, an accusation the singer denies.

He claimed Mel passes out because of the drinking and when she wakes up, she’s mean and argumentative.

The judge said Madison will remain with Belafonte until Thursday.

Mr Juhas also ordered a "full-scale evaluation" of the joint custody arrangement.


  1. Is Madison using a phone? It's possible she is trying to avoid talking to her ex-husband at all cost since the birthday is with him no way to reach her

  2. Her business, is it my daughter