Monday, September 10, 2018

OAP Gbemi Posts Phone Nos Of Her Stalker Online

OAP Gbemi has posted the phone number of a man who has been stalking her for years and many of her followers hailed her for it. While some said it was out rightly wrong. A woman’s comment who disagrees with Gbemi however stood out, then another fired the woman saying she’s on Gbemi’s side. Lol. The tweets below…


  1. Hmmm, shameless men everywhere
    why stalking her? is he her ex or what?

  2. What happened to peacefully blocking his number? Attention seeker

    1. Well said Sade your response is matured unlike one dat says shameless men every where instead of being specific. I hope she knows by saying shameless men every where her father and brothers couzins uncles are included

  3. Gbemi is not married. That is how they always through their husband away

  4. Serves the stalker right, let me try to call the number sef

  5. Stalking is a big word and she said it has been going on for years. It’s funny that a woman would advice her to massage his ego, what would be the outcome of that?

  6. The only issue is that sometimes you cant really determine the complants intentions. for all you care this might just be some aristo or toasting or even dating gone cant take anything off social media people