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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Range Rover & Land Rovers Named Among Britain's Most Unreliable Cars

They are both leading examples of upmarket ‘Chelsea Tractors’. But four models of Range Rover and Land Rover are among the most unreliable cars in the country, a survey claims.

What Car? polled more than 18,000 car owners, who rated 159 models between one and four years old, documenting any problems they had over the past 12 months.

The poll found the Range Rover was the second least reliable, with a rating of 67 per cent. Non-engine electrics were the most common issue in these cars – which can cost from £30,000 to well over £100,000 – and 17 per cent had suspension problems. Nearly a third of the cars had to be taken off the road for more than a week.

And the most reliable?

Most reliable cars Position Make Reliability Ranking

=1 Toyota Yaris (2011 – Present) 100.0%

=1 Suzuki Sx4 S-Cross (2013 – Present) 100.0%

3 Nissan Leaf (2011 – 2017) 99.7%

4 Toyota RAV 4X4 (2013 – 2018) 99.6%

5 BMW 3 Series (2005 – 2014) 99.5%

A perfect reliability rating of 100 per cent meant drivers reported no problems.