Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Police Storm Rihanna's Home Following Robbery

Rihanna's $6.8million Hollywood Hills mansion home was broken into for the second time this year last night.

A police officer told reporters: 'We received an emergency notification [to respond to a property in] the Hollywood Hills, at which time our officers responded.

'Our investigation is ongoing. It appears there was some type of burglary at the location. There was no one home.

'Officers are completing the investigation at this time. I think we have some good solid evidence and we will continue to investigate. We will be out here for several hours.

'We were notified due to the sophisticated technology and security and surveillance systems here. The search is on for the suspects.

'We have some pretty good evidence and we'll stay on this all night long.'

According to Sky 2, neighbours reported that suspects were seen fleeing in a silver vehicle after the alarms went off, no one was present at the address at the 7800 block of Hillside Avenue.