‘Rude’ Harry & Meghan Headline On Newspaper Front Page Raises Eyebrows


They’re the most talked about couple in the world at the moment, and everyone’s keen for a visit from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle .

But a local paper is being accused of getting a little too excited about the prospect of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex coming to their town – after their cheeky headline choice raised a few eyebrows.

Today a copy of The Argus, a Brighton paper, has been referred to as a ‘collector’s edition’ after the tongue-in-cheek front page was posted online.

An image of a smiling Duke and Duchess dominates the paper.

But everyone is talking about the headline underneath which reads, in capitals: “THEY’RE COMING”.

Nothing wrong with that, is there? The Sussexes are visiting Sussex and people are very excited about it.

They might have got away with it, if they hadn’t added: “Look at the smiles on their faces” underneath.

To many people, this would be a perfectly acceptable front page. But the more dirty-minded Brits had a bit of a chuckle over the headline.

It was shared on the Facebook page Angry People in Local Newspapers, which often satirises local news stories, with the caption: “The front page of today’s Brighton Argus is very very special.”

Anthony Cavanagh commented: “LOL it took me a few mins. Maybe my mind is not as much in the gutter as it used to be.”

Ingrid Allen wrote: “Please keep their personal lives off the front page! It’s positively indecent!”

Neil Ollerton commented: “Personally, I think they’re faking it.”

Others called it an ‘over 18’ cover.

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