Friday, September 7, 2018

Saraki Gradually Putting PDP On The Map Again

SENATE PRESIDENT, he still holds THAT position. Bukola Saraki is gradually putting PDP on the map again either we like it or not. See, some people will like this, while some will hate it, but the fact remains, Saraki is making PDP bubble again, no one can deny that, lol.

So the SENATE PRESIDENT was in Enugu yesterday and hundreds of people came to welcome him with banners. Why was he in Enugu?

He was there to meet with the State Governor, State Party Executives and national delegates to the upcoming PDP Convention to intimate them on his plans to #GrowNigeria. You know he is coming out in 2019?

After the welcome, the meetings and the address, Saraki concluded PDP was blessed with people determined to Grow Nigeria with him. More pics below…