Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Meghan Markle Reunites With Her Spectacular Wedding Gown For New Documentary

Meghan Markle is reunited with the spectacular gown and veil she wore to walk down the aisle in a touching scene from a new documentary - four months after the royal wedding was watched by millions around the globe.

The Duchess' face lights up as she gazes at her veil in a fleeting scene from the trailer for Queen of the World, a two-part ITV show exploring the Queen's role as head of the Commonwealth.

Meghan can be seen delicately handling the elaborate veil, which was embroidered with flowers from each of the 53 Commonwealth nations at the Duchess' request, as well as wintersweet - which grows in the garden at Nottingham Cottage, the home she shares with Prince Harry in the grounds of Kensington Palace and the California poppy, a nod to her native state.

As she caresses the veil, the Duchess remarks: '53 countries, oh my goodness... it will keep us busy!'

Givenchy embroiderers who worked on Meghan's veil washed their hands every 30 minutes, to ensure the white silken threads remained pristine.

It's Meghan's first appearance in an official documentary as a member of the royal family.

Her brief appearance in the clip has already begun circulating on Instagram fan accounts, with the Duchess' admirers around the world desperate to see more.