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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Trolololo! Senator Adeyemi Smart’s Daughter, Deola Calls Out Dino Melaye

Senator Adeyemi Smart’s daughter, Deola Smart has taken to her insta-story to call out Senator Dino Melaye. Recall Melaye recently posted a video of some men allegedly mocking Senator Smart on his instagram page? Now Deola is claiming, Melaye has been calling them (probably her father) and even claimed Melaye was at their home tonight but was ignored. So upset was she that she took to instagram to call him out saying he is nothing but a coward.

Worthy of Note; Dino Melaye unseated Adeyemi Smart as the Senator representing Kogi West.


  1. Is she into politics? What is her own

  2. This is serious. Dino the drama king

  3. I don't think Adeola is right doing this, Dino is never her mate, she ought to have let her father handled this

    1. which one is Dino is not her mate? Is Buhari or Tinubu or Obasanjo Dino's mate? Does he not troll them as he desires?

      Abeg, leave the girl, she said they are mourning why is Dino trying to use the opportunity to score cheap point indeed. Dino should let them be.

  4. This is serious, Adeola para mode activated
    Dino is just an agabaya always seeking attention

  5. It is the same people that will talk if Dino does not visit them, this is politics and a man to man thing, Adeola should stay out of it

  6. Guess Dino is now using airtel, everybody is now against him

  7. Guess Dino is now using airtel, everybody is now against him

  8. Spill it all out Adeola
    Dino is such a coward in reality

  9. Las las you will be alright, pained he overthrown your father