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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Two Things David & Victoria Beckham Have Allowed Their Youngest Daughter To Do

Harper Beckham has one of the most stylish mums on the planet, so it's hardly surprising that she's already loving her fashion.

She may only be seven years old, but the youngest Beckham is always dressed in incredible outfits.

But David and Victoria are very protective when it comes to their kids, and they have lots of strict rules the family must follow.

This includes a few fashion guidelines for little Harper - and mum Victoria has banned her from doing two things in public, even though she's allowed to do them at home.

In an interview with Vogue , Victoria revealed her little girl has been able to walk in high heels since she was just three years old, and she also wears make-up.

But she's only allowed to do it in the house, and isn't allowed outside in heels or make up.

Victoria, 44, said: "She's been able to run in Alaïa platforms since she was three.

"But only at home – she would never be allowed to leave the house in heels.


  1. I don't think it's nice, she is still young for it and all these things have effect

  2. She's gonna be a fashionsta like her mum

  3. Everyone and how they train their children

  4. She would take after her Mum in no time. But would be nice if she follows her father's path in a shocking twist