Thursday, September 6, 2018

Uriel Oputa Celebrates Her Mom Beating Cancer

Uriel Oputa is the happiest chic at the moment! Why? Her mom just beat cancer after doctors discovered she had one four months ago. She took to IG to praise her brothers in the UK for taking care of her mom and allowing her to WORK!  She also shared two videos of her mom. See the videos below and Uriel’s words too.

Look at God.. I found out she had Cancer 4 months ago she would wake me up every night screaming in pain. The night before her Coloncospy she screamed all night the pain..I was so scared I called my Gate man and Ran out of the room in fear. I wanted to pee my pants It was 1 am I had no pain killers at home, I'm normally afraid to enter Taxis late, but I had to buy pain killers, I sat up all Night watching my mum checking if she was still breathing. The Day of the Cancer scan... I Saw the tumour live and direct .. I went "Numb" called my brothers we all cried.. because she was already weak from the stroke and Dementia.. My little brother had already set his mind on saying his Good byes All the Doctors in the UK didn't think she would make it. The Day I wheeled mum in to the operating Room I was sooo scared I just held her and prayed I spoke In tongues the Doctors must of thought I was crazy. I just want Thank God. My Brothers Obieze, Odie ,Ken,Bcar. Thank you For looking after mum Cooking Singing washing changing even doing her make up. I LOVE YOU MY FOUR KINGS I can't tell you enough brothers I love you all. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work.. I miss having mum with me but I'm 100 percent focused. Carol Ajike. Thank you so much. Carol thank you My mum is Cancer free God Dalu God will make a way where there is no way Everything Fashioned to work against you will work for you
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