Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Victoria Beckham Reveals Why She Banned Her Husband For Years From Her Fashion Shows

Victoria Beckham has revealed why her husband David was banned from her first fashion shows.

The Spice Girls star first started her eponymous fashion label 10 years ago. And after gaining worldwide fame as part of one of the biggest girlbands and as half of the hottest couple she was keen to keep the focus on her clothes.

So she kept her famous family away from the catwalk as she let her designs do the talking.

"I just kept my head down, worked hard, and always made it about the product and the customer, rather than about me as a celebrity," she told Refinery29 .

And during her first few shows for the Victoria Beckham brand, her family stayed away.

"It was quite a few seasons before I came out at the end of the show, and my family didn’t attend the first few seasons," she explained.

"I really wanted it to be about the clothes and nothing else."

This week, high on the success of her fashion brand's 10th anniversary show at London Fashion Week - Posh Spice brought the moves to her after-party.