Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Wizkid’s 2nd Babymama Reveals Agreements She Signed With The Singer Over Child Support

Wizkid’s 2nd babymama who has been calling him out for days has revealed some of the agreements they signed and how the singer is supposed to be paying her $2000 child support since February 2018, but has refused. She posted the documents and accomplished it with a message of how Wizkid’s family begged her to settle out of court to avoid immigration issues for him.

''This is some of the agreements/settlements that was provided by both of our lawyers which was supposed to be resolved outside court by February 2018. I didn’t sue him or take the case to court because some of his family members begged not to and said that wiz himself want to settle everything with the lawyers without involving the courts because he didn’t want to get in trouble with immigration. So I listened and accepted that deal and gave him a chance to do the right thing. That was 7mths ago and since then his lawyers keep telling my lawyers that they have not been able to reach their client or his management team. #more receipts on the way,'' she wrote while sharing the documents below...


  1. Sister u got played simple.buckle up take care of ur son single mothers in Africa and America take care of their kids u didn't see a decent man to get pregnant for na whizzy smaall boy u will suffer it next time use contraceptive some times dey just purposely want to have kids for dis so called singers

  2. Mtchews, take care of your son by yaself ad forget about the idiot

  3. Aswear Wizkid is so irresponsible, am hating him more for this

  4. Settle this off media not healthy for the poor boy