Monday, October 8, 2018

Atiku Is A Corrupt Man, Shina Peller Says

Club owner, Shina Peller who just got into politics and won his party's primaries in Oyo State for  House of Representatives, has taken to twitter to say PDP's presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar is a corrupt man, while President Buhari is not.

When people attacked his statement, he attacked them back, saying do they even have a PVC, and asked what they were doing for Nigeria His tweets below..


  1. See o level shina gree horn for politics you manage use moni win u come here dey talk. Rubbish praay u win 2019

    1. Someborry join me to laugh. What doe shina know about politics? Oh i get it, he wants to be heard politically

  2. Who said Buhari is not corrupt

  3. Oga Shina abeg go siddon, it is when you tell us what you have being doing in UK for the past years and how you made your money for quilox club that i will take you serious

  4. See this yahoo yahoo kingpin that is talking

  5. Mtchews, you better face your election and stop putting mouth in what does not concern you, pot calling kettle black

  6. Tell them Shina