Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Breaking! Workers Of Sumal Foods Limited Shut Down Factories, Demand Salary Increment [Exclusive Photos]

Workers at Sumal Foods Limited today shut down every factory of the company in Oyo State to demand a better pay. They are demanding the company increase their pay. As at 2.56pm  the road that leads to one of the factories in Oluyole, has been temporarily blocked due to the large crowd of workers protesting.

One of the workers said they demand a better pay instead of the 'peanuts' they are currently being paid and insisted they won't resume work until the management address them. More photos...


  1. Na wa oooo, they work so hard with peanut

  2. Most worker do not understand the enterprenuer's plight in this Nigeria. Yes it may seem like a big company but have they taken time to estimate the over heads against the profit margin?

    In this current economy, any company that does not even owe salary is king o. Most of these businesses are running on loans.

    If it is that easy they too should go into manufacturing now, about 20 different govt agencies will ask for levy, state tax, Federal tax, salaries, manufacturing cost.

    who noticed that while everything went up due to dollar increment, prices of biscuit have remained the same? Abeg they had better borrow themselves brain until they are ready to do the trade themselves.