Monday, October 8, 2018

Comedian Stabbed By Gate Man Undergoes Surgery

A comedian Sirbalo who was stabbed by the gate man of a house he lives has successfully undergone surgery. Taking to Facebook to thank God, Balo reveals the gate man has been asked to go back to his country – togo.

He says on this particular day, he was tampering with electricity, something he does always and he had to caution him, but got angry in the process and stabbed him in the chest. What he said…

“It was just a little misunderstanding, but the gate man didn’t understand pidgin language. He was always tampering with our electricity and I felt I should caution him on that particular day. He had burnt my phone chargers many times. When I moved closer to him and said it was the electricity that would kill him, he thought I said I would kill him. He got angry and stabbed me in the chest.”

“He was asked to go back to Togo. As I speak to you, I am still recovering. For about 30 minutes after I was stabbed, I was still okay. But later, I became weak and I found myself in the hospital when I opened my eyes.

“The only issue we had with him was the habit of tampering with electricity. We lost a computer to this issue. I was even paid for an advert I needed to deliver on that day; so, I was angry when I saw that he was tampering with the electricity.”


  1. Good luck to you but I think there is more to this, how can someone you are paying stabbed you?

  2. Thank God you are better

  3. I hope the gateman is cooling at a police station

  4. Why would you employ someone yo don't understand his language?