Friday, October 26, 2018

Fathia Williams Narrates Encounter With 30-Year Old Man Who Wanted To Date Her

49-year old Nollywood actress, Faithia Williams has explained how she met a 30-year old man in US and how he insisted he anted to date her and even doubted her age. Fathia says she likes his confidence and ended saying the younger generation are not smiling, lol. She wrote;

"I met one young man who is around 30 years here in US. He asked for my name and number. He asked I show him my IG page. He wants a relationship. I told him, my second child is on his way to university already and I have a man already. He said I lied with my age. I collected his number and insist that I won't give him mine. I couldn't stop laughing all through the trip back home. I won't call him but I truly like how self assured he came across, smart, full of life, optimistic and I need not say how handsome he is. I thought about him more than once, had to delete his number. The youngmen out there are not playing. This is more than STEWWWW."