Monday, October 29, 2018

Fear God! Fear God! Reno Omokri Tells Osinbajo

Aside for the likes of Fayose who is at the moment cooling with EFCC, Reno Omokri is also one very outspoken opposition. If this Government will be truthful to themselves, Reno Omokri is one person that has been tackling them with facts and non-facts. In fact, a day hardly passes by without Reno not having one or two things to say about the Buhari-led government. And today, Reno is telling Vice-President Osinbajo to fear God.

Why? Reno claims while the VP was on Bereke Radio today, he said himself and President Buhari will never be found deceiving Nigerians. That statement got to Reno and he wants Nigerians to ask them, 'what of their promise to make ₦1 equal to $1?'  'And their promise to provide 3 million jobs a year?' Or 'their promise to provide 24/7 power?'

He then concluded saying, fear God Osinbajo, fear God! Lol.... But GEJ his boss, never fulfilled all his promises. Is it easy?