Monday, October 8, 2018

Funke Adesiyan’s Hard Earned Votes Stolen

Funke Adesiyan who announced with evidence how she won APC’s primaries for House of Rep in Oyo State has comeback online to say her mandate has been taken from her because they already have an anointed candidate. She wondered why the primaries held in the first place and urged her supporters to calm down and still support APC. What she said;

Dear friends,

We have come to the end of a long journey. A very rigorous and eventful one. The people of Ibadan South East 2 have spoken. They spoke loudly and clearly.
The journey of the last one year has been halted, and I thank you all for standing by me. For believing in my vision and for throwing your weight behind me in critical moments. I will never  take this significant support for granted.

The primary election has come and gone and I have been made to believe and accept the outcome in good fate.

While I am not quite happy that my hard-earned mandate was taken from me, as this stands against the principle with which I stand for, I can't go against the wish of our great party,  All Progressives Congress (APC). "I can't understand why people, who bought forms sold at exorbitant prices, went for primaries and emerged winners only to be told that their names had been swapped for other anointed candidates". One may be tempted to ask why we had primaries in the first place if the party's hidden agenda was to impose candidates?

This is one old injustice that has continued to dwarf the progress and entrenchment of internal democracy, one that has denied many people the full blessings of fulfilling their ambition politically.
There is no better evidence of this than the brazen act of injustice that forced me to surrender my mandate.

I urge all my supporters not to be wary as this is a phase that will soon pass.
Today, I hold in my heart nothing but love for my people as I call on you all to not despair of our present difficulties but to believe, always, in the promise and greatness of our party (APC), Oyo State and Nigeria because nothing is inevitable here.

I implore you all to go all out and vote for the APC in the 2019 general election and ensure that we record a resounding victory.
Thank you and God bless Oyo state.

Funke Adesiyan.


  1. If this can be done internally then what do we expect externally. It just proves that APC would go to any means necessary to win and that means I won’t be voting for a PDP like party

  2. I wonder what that party is turning into

  3. As if you don't know about it

  4. Too bad. Sorry babe i hope you have not given out value to the people that matters in this case. APC is a scam

  5. .....but this is all shade of lies. She never won her news was false in the first place. Did the party ever pronounce her the winner? No!

    8 people contested her report for winning said 6? There were 107 delegates she said over 200. She is just an actress playout her own script. Many of us who knew the truth mentioned it on her page when she posted the new but she blocked us.

    Guess she does not want her colleagues to think she is a looser or she wants to be compensated or she has learnt the art of politics better than those who thought her. she is just being a clown. next time she should know not everytime sleeping around dey give person result.

  6. Too bad. Sorry babe i hope you have not given out value to the people that matters in this case. APC is a scam

  7. Hard earned votes or her ponyor?

  8. It's a battle for another day