Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fury As Kim Kardashian's Booty VANISHES In New Heavily-Photoshopped Images

Kim Kardashian has stripped off for her new line of makeup she’s still hawking - no shocks there, then. But fans have noticed one giant thing missing in a new highly-photoshopped image: her arse.

Kim looks massively slim-line in the pics - taken by esteemed photographer David La Chapelle - but alongside all the digital manipulation, it appears that her bum has also been reduced, and the image was branded “hilarious and ridiculous” online.

Kim’s followers couldn’t help but comment more that “lb” or “mom” on the shot online for once.

One fan said: “Kim what happen to your big butt??” while another said her “bum and hips have been made much smaller.”

One follower commented that the pic was: “Photoshopped to death... Kim k you are perfection why photoshop? It looks awful.”

While Good Place actress Jameela Jamil is currently rallying against photoshopping women in the public eye, as it gives young people an unrealistic body ideals, Kim has come under fire for further perpetuating falsehoods about what the perfect body should look like - and not being honest about how much work has been done on the pictures.

One fan implored Kim to stop: “As a role model for women and girls all over the world, I beg of you to stop photoshopping your pics !!! You are already so beautiful ,you don't need to set an even more unrealistic view of yourself. young and impressionable minds are watching you , you should be showing them it's ok to look just as they do.”

Another follower said that the amount of post-production done on the shots made them doubt who it was: “This is not Kim.”

This is the third picture in Kim’s increasingly desperate campaign to shift her glittery eye make up.