Friday, October 12, 2018

GIRL Cries Out On Instagram After KAI Officials Stormed Ilasamaja, Assaults Her Dad, Leaves Brother UNCONSCIOUS

A young lady has taken to instagram to cry out over an alleged KAI attack on her family. According to her, there was a clash over sales in the market in her area and as KAI men stormed the market they found their way into their compound. Her dad was assaulted while her brother was beaten till he was unconscious. She took to IG asking if Nigerians were in for KAI now, as they just got saved from SARS. Her words...

Ok,just got back from work and saw my dad's head injured. My Elder brother was beaten mercilessly by Kai(Kick Against Indiscipline). This happened in ilasamaja

There was a report from market women saying the hawkers does not want them to sell their market all because they are selling at cheaper price,Kai got to the area started assaulting anyone they see,destroying peoples properties.Even forced their way into our compound with their baton,machete (I don't even know what they are doing with it),guns hitting and beating anyone they see.

My dad was only trying to defend his son (My Bro still lying unconscious in the hospital) and he got hit by one of them on the head with a gun.What if he died on the spot?What's really happening? From SARS now Kai??This situation eats me deep

#EjigboKai #Kaibrutality