Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Huge Stag Shot & Killed After Wandering Into Busy Residential Area [Photos]

A huge majestic stag was shot and killed after wandering into a busy residential area.

The 27 stone animal, which was captured on video, was gunned down after Nottinghamshire Police officers spent two hours chasing it.

The stag had damaged police cars and a vet on the scene - also a trained marksman - made the decision it had to be shot as it posed a risk to human life and property.

Concerns were raised by park wardens that the deer was "agitated" and had caused damage to a number of police cars as officers attempted to detain the animal.

It was seen at a number of locations in Nottingham from around 8pm on Sunday.

Nottingham City Council, which runs Wollaton Park, sent out park rangers to assess the situation and an emergency vet was called at around 10pm.

The emergency vet made the decision that the deer had to be shot.

Nigel Hawkins, head of culture and libraries for the city council, said: "If you have an animal which is 27 stone and can go up to 20 miles per hour it can cause serious damage to life and property.