Sunday, October 21, 2018

No Challenges Combining Music & Acting- Afolayan

Actor and musician, Gabriel Afolayan, speaks with Kore Ogidan about juggling his acting and music career.

What can you recall of your background?

Although I’m from Kwara State, I was born in Lagos and grew up in Ibadan. I’m a graduate of Theatre Arts and a theatre practitioner. Also, and very importantly, I am a proud Nigerian.

Who is Gabriel Afolayan as an actor?

As an actor, I’ve been blessed to be on the scene since as far back as 1990. I had my debut as a child actor in a film my late dad’s best friend, Baba Sala, who is now of blessed memory, produced. It was a short film titled, F’opawon. After that, I went back to school and re-launched my career in 2003. I am still practising.

How would you describe Gabriel Afolayan as a musician?

I have been a musician since the nineties. I remember then that I used to move around as a one-man band. I also served as a musician in the churches I attended. I established my craft by joining the choir and also forming my own musical groups. Music wasn’t just about me singing; it involved other things, such as learning how to play instruments. I decided to go fully into it in 2011, dropping my first official single, Kokoro Ife (Love Bug). I must admit that it was one of the best things that happened in my life. It was widely accepted.

Do you find it difficult combining both acting and singing?

I really don’t face major challenges. Everybody knows I’m up for both. All I want to do now is push more materials out. Planning and promotion is currently the key to making all work out. As an actor, I’m filming every now and then and for my music, I get shows based on bookings with my management. My album will be released before the year ends and the title is Instinct. Everything is moving appropriately.