Saturday, October 27, 2018

Iceberg Slim Has Disvalued The Worth Of Juliet Ibrahim's Backside, Charles Novia Claims

Known critic, Charles Novia has taken on Juliet Ibrahim and her ex-- Iceberg Slim. According to Charles, a man shouldn't hold a woman's backside like this publicly and shortly afterwards breakup with her! He says it leads to the woman being devalued. His exact words;

''Any fiance who presses his fiancee's nyansh like this and then they break up after this public display of 'nyashcality', has devalued the worth of that nyansh for other prospective 'nyanshcals'. Both erstwhile betrothed were irresponsible to have even allowed this kind of picture go out in the first place. #NOVIA'S NUGGETS''


  1. I quite agree with Novia here. I don't see how adults can, for any reason allow this kind of useless picture to make its way to the internet. And to think that there are other nyash-holding pictures of both delinquents makes it worse.
    Are these the kind of people that our children should look up to for mentorship? Wasted generation

  2. Well said. Juliet is the one that lost in this