Saturday, October 6, 2018

Kim Branded 'Desperate' 'Sad' & 'Vulgar' Over Selfie

After posing for selfies in a tiny vintage Chanel bikini, Kim Kardashian was obviously pleased with the results.

But her fans were less than delighted when she shared the resulting provocative images to Instagram on Friday.

Reminding her that her children would see the sexualised imaged one day, she was branded 'desperate', 'sad' and 'vulgar'.

Instead of her usual bikini poses - reclining on a beach, or pouting in a mirror - the image showed her in bed, legs spread, figure on full display in the tiny two-piece.

'Chanel vintage, lets please be specific,' she captioned her shot. But her fans were not impressed, advising her to think of her 'impressionable young daughter'.