Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Kim Thinks God Made Her Youngest Child Look Just Like Her For A Special Reason

Kim Kardashian feels very lucky to have her third child, Chicago, in her life. When sitting down with Ashley Graham for Pretty Big Deal on Tuesday, the 37-year-old TV star added she was especially grateful to have the child - who is now eight months old look just like her.

'She is such a doll. She looks like, honestly, my twin mixed with Saint. It’s like the two of us in her,' said the wife of Kanye West.

Saint is two and their first born North is aged five. Chicago was the only child born via surrogate.

'I think I was so nervous to have a surrogate and to have that connection that God was like, "I’m going to make her look just like you,"' said the KKW Beauty mogul.

This comes after Kim talked about something 'sweet' Kanye did for her.

She said the rapper gave her $1m cheque for not posing for a brand that often knocks off his Yeezy line.

The company, which the siren would not name, offered her $1m to model their items.

The mother-of-three said she had to consult with her husband, who then said no.

Later, the rapper gave her a $1m cheque on Mother's Day as a way of thanking her for not taking the gig.