Saturday, October 20, 2018

Meghan Markle Admits Ditching Social Media Made Her Feel Free

As one of the most famous and most photographed women on the planet, the Duchess of Sussex is certainly used to being the centre of attention and having the world's eyes locked on her every move.

But while Meghan seems to have taken the intense demands of royal life in her stride, the former actress revealed that it was a different kind of pressure that she suffered from keenly before her romance with Harry blossomed.

The 37-year-old disclosed that she now feels 'free' after closing down her social media accounts and lifestyle blog as she spoke out on the dangers of seeking validation online.

She conversed openly about the hidden perils of Facebook and the like during a chat with members of the public on Bondi Beach, where she and her husband Prince Harry met with others to discuss issues surrounding mental health.

The former actress was previously an avid user of social media, documenting many aspects of her love life, travelling and charity work, and even had her own lifestyle and wellbeing blog called the Tig.

However activity on the accounts of Meghan, who had 1.9 million followers on Instagram, slowly died down in 2017 amid rumours that she was dating Prince Harry.

In fact shortly after news of their romance broke she shared a picture of two bananas hugging with the caption 'Sleep tight xx' in what many interpreted it as a symbol of the couples long distance relationship.

The duchess finally closed the blog and her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts in January ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry to bring her in line with the rest of the royals, whose accounts are run by the social media teams of their household.