Mum Accused Of Trying To Steal Other Women’s Men By Breastfeeding Her 2-Year Old In Public


A mum who has been accused of trying to steal other women’s men because she breastfeeds her two-year-old child in public has hit back at her critics.

Reka Nyari, 39, has been breastfeeding daughter Ilo since she was born in November 2015 and, so far, has refused to give her formula.

Now the New Yorker has posed naked while nursing Ilo in defiance of ‘haters’ who have branded her ‘disgusting’ and a ‘man-stealer’.

She recalled how she was degraded by another woman while on a flight from New York to Budapest.

“It has been irritating how judgemental people can be about women who breastfeed, and how sexualised the breast and nipple have become,” Reka said.

“Possibly the most obnoxious person was a woman who was sitting in front of us with her boyfriend on a plane from New York City to Budapest, Hungary.”

She continued: “She called me ‘disgusting’ followed by a litany of degrading swear words. Apparently she thought I was trying to steal her man by quietly breastfeeding my baby during the landing of the plane.

“Breastfeeding is natural, and our breasts were made for feeding our babies. Associating breastfeeding with s-x or perversion is disturbing.”

She has always been an advocate for mums who choose to breastfeed their children beyond the age of one and insists that the natural practise is beneficial for the mother and child in the long term.

Unapologetic, Reka, who is originally from Finland, chose to breastfeed her daughter anywhere she would want to be fed, including public places.

With over 30K Instagram followers, she posts pictures of her breastfeeding on social media to educate the critics about the benefits of lactation.

“She usually has breastmilk in the mornings when we wake up, and if I am at home, at night when she goes to bed,” Reka said.

“If she is feeling sick, she may want to feed more often and during the day. I have always been a bit of a lactivist (breastfeeding activist).

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