Thursday, October 11, 2018

Murder: Defendant’s Friend Tells Court, She Sent A Message Saying ‘I Have Done Something Terrible’

A friend to a lawyer who allegedly murdered her husband, Maureen Offor, on Wednesday told a Lagos State High Court in Igbosere about a text message that the lawyer, Udeme Otike-Odibi, sent to her on May 3 around 12.04am, which stated that she had done something terrible.

Forty-eight-year-old Udeme is standing trial for allegedly stabbing her husband, Symphorosa Otike-Odibi, to death at their residence on Diamond Estate, Sangotedo, Lagos State.

Punch Metro had reported that Udeme was also alleged to have mutilated the corpse of her husband after killing him.

Offor, at the Thursday proceedings, while being led in evidence by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Titilayo Shitta-Bay, said she was surprised when she saw the message as Udeme was billed to travel out of the country that day.

She added that she replied to the text message saying that she thought Udeme had packed her things for the trip.

She said, “In the text message to her, I reminded her that our agreement was that she should travel first and take care of her health because she has a thyroid problem. We agreed that when she comes back, we will address the relationship with her husband and see if the marriage will work out.

“She sent me a second message that read, ‘I have tried.’ I called her several times, but she did not pick the calls. I sent Udeme another message asking why she did not pick my calls, but she did not reply till I went to bed.

“Around 4am, I got a call from Udeme’s mum that Udeme and Symphorosa had had a fight, asking if she should come to Lagos. But I told her that Udeme was billed to travel to the UK that day and that she should exercise patience.

“I called Symphorosa’s younger brother, Andrew, around past 5am; he did not pick the call. Later, Andrew called back and I told him that I received a call from Udeme’s mum. He said he also received a similar call from his mum the previous day that Udeme and Symphorosa were fighting. He added that they were adults and should be able to resolve their issues.”

Offor stated that Udeme’s mum called back and told her that Symphorosa was dead, adding that she started screaming until her husband came to collect the phone from her.

Offor, who said she had known the defendant since 1992 when they were both employed by Diamond Bank, added that Udeme was her chief bridesmaid when she wedded in 1996.

She stated further that since they met in 1992, they had been friends, adding that she knew the deceased at the University of Benin.

Offor said, “I knew the deceased for over 30 years; we met at UNIBEN and he was my elder brother’s friend and was even my elder brother’s best man when he got married in 1998.

“The deceased and the defendant got married in October 2014. I was present at their wedding; I was aware that they were having issues in their marriage and Udeme wasn’t happy. I knew because she confided in me last year that she was travelling to the UK to take some time off.

“She came back from the UK before Easter and she told me that Symphorosa wasn’t eating at home, so she did not bother to cook his food. I advised her to cook for him even if it was a small portion.

“On May 2, 2018, I saw Udeme; she had called and asked me to assist her to pack her things, so I
drove to their house on Diamond Estate, Songotedo. We packed the things she needed for another UK trip and we went to a cinema to see a movie.”

During cross-examination by the defendant’s counsel, Oluseye Bamgbose, Offor said the defendant was a peaceful person and that for the 26 years that she had known her, she had never seen her arguing with anybody.

The presiding judge, Justice Asedayo Akintoye, adjourned the matter till October 30, for continuation of trial.


  1. Kindly walk out from a union you are not happy with

  2. This is serious

  3. My issue with this woman is that u killed your husband dat one no do u aafter killing him. U cut his dick put in his. Hand den u open his stomach aand bring out. His intestines while dead.why mutilate his corpse this woman is a sick demented evil woman

  4. Hmn.....sound like he must have done something terrible and ridiculed her on top of it.

    Ladies, two lessons from here, if you must marry late marry right. Do not just marry because you must marry. obviously she married her friend's older brother's friend so it was convenient for all of them but then it was not right was her.

    second is don't let anger take the better of you, if you find the relationship is not right and its bringing out characters you never knew you had yourself, just take a walk, people will talk for a while, in your front or behind but know you will be fine. You are better off as a free single than a jailed widow trust me.

    It easy to blame this woman but I used to be in a bad marriage and I know if its bad its just bad, it can make you do things you yourselve never knew you were capable of....

    I found myself in extra marital affairs while in it.
    Me that was like a saint before marriage.

    But I was young and I felt a lot of relieve being with the other guy because he genuinely cared unlike my then husband who could not be bothered about me. He was cruel, wicked, vindictive, manipulative, he was just terrible. I recently started reading about narcissists and I found that was just him. So I did it. It was terrible until I had to quit the marriage, I quit the marriage and I am at peace now but then I feel bad everytime I remember that I committed adultery but I am learning to forgive myself everyday