Monday, October 8, 2018

Naturist Cleaner Reveals How The Job Is Done

Lol. Wetin we no go see! End time things!! Hilarious!!! A 24-year-old who cleans homes in the buff to earn extra cash has divulged what the job really entails.

Anna, who wants to keep her identity a secret, has been cleaning in the n-de for the last three months and says it makes a nice change to working in a stuffy office all day.

She is part of Naturist Cleaners, which provides professional cleaners who visit clients' homes or offices to clean and do other household chores while completely n-de.

And she earns £45 an hour for her n-ked duties.

The company was founded by Laura Smith in 2017 in response to what she says was "a growing new interest in n-de cleaning in British society".

Despite having never been to any naturist events before, Anna - who says she feels comfortable being n-ked, and is often n-de around her close friends - signed up to the service.

She said: "I was new to naturism. I had never done it before - I hadn't even been on a nudist beach or anything like that. I'd just done it in private. I wasn't nervous because I'm quite comfortable being naked.

"I found the first time quite liberating if anything, because I like being n-ked. If I'm by myself or with my close friends or a boyfriend, I'll walk around n-ked. I'm not sure exactly why I like it, I just feel more comfortable that way.

I think the only scary part was I didn't know who was going to open the door. Was I going to be safe?

"But it was actually fine and the client was really lovely. He kept asking if I felt comfortable and kept on making conversation, which was quite relaxing. So I felt quite comfortable soon after.

"It was in a flat. I did some hoovering and some dusting. Just really simple stuff, I cleaned their bathroom as well. It's a nice change after being stuck in a stuffy office all day."

Anna says she can have between three to four cleaning jobs a week, earning around £45 an hour in the n-de, as well as £23 an hour to clean with her clothes on, though she's only ever had one fully-clothed job.

"All the clients I've had are single men, who live by themselves. They're all different ages, from about their late twenties to fifties," she said.

"They're usually quite professional men."

One of the main aims of Naturist Cleaners is to promote naturism as "another state of being" and, despite common misconceptions, they want to highlight that it's perfectly natural.

They also make it clear that the service is not and should not be treated as a s-xual service.