Friday, October 19, 2018

Nigerians Crash Ooni Of Ife's New Bride's Website As They Triple Her Followership On Instagram

Ooni of Ife's new bride, Prophetess Naomi Oluwaseyi is getting so much love from Nigerians, hours after her husband revealed her identity on social media. Before today, she had slightly above 2000 followers on Instagram, but at the moment, she has over 7000.

Her website has also been crashed due to so many visits by Nigerians who wants to know more about her.  A visit to her website says ''Bandwidth Limit Exceeded''.


  1. She will soon go private

  2. Na Nigerians dey rush her

  3. Feeling sad now, just when I thought he is going to marry me

    1. Aww.
      Don't be sad,dear.
      Never too late.
      You could still be the next bride(if Ooni is to follow the tradition of marrying more than one wife).
      Keep your hope alive.